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The Polar Opposite

No matter our age and occupation, we’ve all got stuff to schlep around~!

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The Mini Backpack

"Polar Opposite fur backpack"

Keep it plush this holiday season with this closet staple. The knapsack has made a come back. They’re back in a nylon, utilitarian, L.L.Bean catalog kind of way. That said, the current iterations are a lot chicer than they used to be.  After all, the recent renaissance of the chiropractor-approved accessory has earned its legitimacy with its multipurpose use and its praise for practicality. Nowadays, we've got laptops to carry and chargers that we have to guard with our lives. 

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Furst things furst

"Best of Luxury backpack" 

Our top style features are Furry and always makes you feel fabulous with everything from tanks and trousers to dainty lace cocktail dresses, reminding us all that backpacks can go with literally everything.

A thought that’s especially comforting given that many of us are about to re-immerse ourselves in our studies now that class registration is upon us or, speaking for those already accredited and salaried, the lazy, hazy days of summer Fridays and half the office being out on vacation at any given moment are coming to an end. No matter our age and occupation, we’ve all got stuff to schlep around. 

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Whether you’re down to splurge on one knapsack you’ll wear at nearly every life event until you retire or are starting a collection you can interchange based on the day’s destinations and laptop-lugging needs, we’ve got your back. Click through our features slideshow to shop our picks for the best backpacks for back to school and beyond.